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Flash vs HTML 5 Catalogs

Awhile back we analyzed the advantages of using interactive and animated catalogs, compared to simple converted PDFs for your digital publications. It is now time to see which tools are recommended to be used for creating digital publications and catalogs. The two main options are Flash and HTML 5 and although both come with considerable […]

How to increase dwell time in publications?

  We have previously talked about how you can build interactive and animated flip books in order to replace boring PDFs or eBook pages and make your digital publication and catalogs more attractive. Now we’ll explain the importance of creating content that is appealing to the readers and we’ll give you some tips on how […]

Build Interactive and Animated Flip Books

  In our previous blog posts we have discussed how digital publishing has become more and more popular nowadays, covering half of the publications worldwide. It is not only a cost effective solution, compared to print publishing, but also an environmently friendly option. Interactive and animated flip books are an amazing alternative to scrolling through […]

Customize, personalize and apply logo on pens

In our blog post Organize, showcase and customize your products! we talked about how to customize and personalize t-shirts, caps, clothes, pens,usb sticks, bottles, cans, gifts or any promotional product by applying your company’s logo, branding or design. We also talked about automatic logo placement with Logo Studio and how using  “presentation mode” your clients can […]

Automatic logo placement with Logo Studio

In our last blog post,  Organize, showcase and customize your products! we talked about Logo Studio and how your clients or your sales and customer service teams to customize and personalize any type of products or merchandise, from t-shirts, caps, clothes, pens,usb sticks, bottles, cans to any type of gifts or promotional products! Now, as […]

Full service digital publishing at self-service speed and cost

There are hundreds of solutions today to help you convert your printed publication, into digital format. From free to paid, from full service to self-service, each of them with different options and features. Let’s forget for a minute about their features, and talk a bit about the differences between full and self-service. Self-service systems are […]

Organize, showcase and customize your products!

Customize and personalize t-shirts, caps, clothes, pens,usb sticks, bottles, cans, gifts or any promotional product! Put your personal stamp or apply your company’s logo on any virtual product you can think of! The list is endless and the options limitless when customising with Logo Studio. Organize, showcase, customize and personalize your products with your logo […]

Time to go DIGITAL!

There is no better way to spread products globally, faster, easier or effectively than through Digital Publishing. Papionne’s products can quickly help customers adapt to this innovative way of publishing, and enrich their experience while interacting with digital publications! Papionne’s services and products will increase retention, help businesses adapt to the newest customer needs, and […]

Why Digital Publishing?

Nowadays technology is no longer a shock to anyone.  It is becoming normal to distribute, publish and share catalogs, books, magazines, and newspapers onto PCs and more recent onto phones, tablets and e-ink readers. Recent research says that by the end of this year more 50% half of all magazines and newspapers will be delivered to […]