Build Interactive and Animated Flip Books


In our previous blog posts we have discussed how digital publishing has become more and more popular nowadays, covering half of the publications worldwide. It is not only a cost effective solution, compared to print publishing, but also an environmently friendly option.

Interactive and animated flip books are an amazing alternative to scrolling through PDF or eBook pages, being more attractive and offering an easier way of sharing and accessing any type of digital publication, without the need to download a specific type of software.

The software designed by us, at Papionne, converts any PDF, catalogue, brochure, book or magazine into an interactive or animated flip book that can be easily accessed on a desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Papionne animated flip book coverManchester animated flip book cover

You can choose from a great selection of features and options, depending on the needs and design philosophies of your publication. Everything, from background image, color selection, menu icons, language, logos and graphics, to integrated content analytics, bookmarking, advanced search options, table of contents and rich media content, such as flash animations, sounds, video and HD image galleries without weight or size restrictions, can be customized and personalized according to the look and feel you desire for your publication.

We can help you build a fully customizable interactive or animated flip book that allows your readers to navigate faster through your publication, view pages as thumbnails, easily jump from one chapter to another from the table of contents, automatically flip the pages in a slide show, bookmark specific pages or print them, create internal links between the pages of the flip book or within its table of contents, create external links to websites, e-mail addresses or attachments, zoom the content or view it in full screen, search words or entire sentences and share the flip book on e-mail or social networks. Apart from these features, our interactive and animated flip books can allow the users to play small online games, see real time stock information or access a shopping cart and add products to it directly from the digital catalogue, among many others.

Now it’s easier than never to create a whole new amazing experience for your readers. Do you want to find out more about the solutions we offer? Just contact us, and together we can make your publication more appealing to your customers.