Flash vs HTML 5 Catalogs


Awhile back we analyzed the advantages of using interactive and animated catalogs, compared to simple converted PDFs for your digital publications. It is now time to see which tools are recommended to be used for creating digital publications and catalogs. The two main options are Flash and HTML 5 and although both come with considerable benefits, most developers have come to the conclusion that the latter is the way to go nowadays.

Some of the most notable advantages of HTML 5, in comparison with Flash, include:

  • Compatibility with all types of devices and screen formats – Your digital publications and catalogs are accessible on all browsers on PCs, tablets or smartphones;
  • Content can be search engine optimized (SEO);
  • Multimedia content can be rendered without the need to have any plug-in or to install any type of player or software;
  • Uses much lower processing power than Flash based content, allowing the digital publications to load quickly – This is preferred especially when the digital publication or catalog is intended to be easily accessible on mobile devices;
  • Supports all types of multimedia content;
  • Allows fast loading animations increasing the interactivity of your catalog.

While some consider the graphical abilities of Flash to be better than those of HTML 5, since they provide a sharper output of all visual elements, the compatibility issues with mobile platforms and the fact that Flash content doesn’t have an impact on search engine rankings, make HTML 5 the best option for creating realistic, responsive publications and catalogs from PDFs.

In conclusion, we recommend creating your animated or interactive digital publication using HTML 5. Just follow this link to find out more about our revolutionary catalog software, Flip Box. Flip Box is developed on a HTML 5  core so you can benefit from not only a state of the art catalog software, but also from all the advantages of the HTML 5 technology.

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How to increase dwell time in publications?


How to increase dwell time in flip books

We have previously talked about how you can build interactive and animated flip books in order to replace boring PDFs or eBook pages and make your digital publication and catalogs more attractive.

Now we’ll explain the importance of creating content that is appealing to the readers and we’ll give you some tips on how to increase dwell time in your publications. First of all, let’s make it clear what dwell time actually is. The simplest definition for it would be that it is the actual length of time the visitor spends on a specific page before returning to the search engines results page. The longer time spent, the better, as it shows that the visitor was interested in the content and consumed most of it before returning to the search engine results or accessing another section of the site.

So, let’s see what you can do to create an easy to read, well designed and informative catalogs and engage your readers from the very beginning. Although there is no magic solution to increase dwell time in publications, making use of these tips might be helpful.

  1. Make sure that the text is legible – use fonts that are easily readable and appropriate font sizes, so that the reader doesn’t need to zoom in.
  2. Present the information in a clear, logical way.
  3. Create a table of contents that allows easy access to specific sections of the publication.
  4. Create an user friendly structure and choose the right contrast and colors.
  5. Put the most important “call to actions” like search bars, full screen viewing or sharing options, at the right places.
  6. Insert as many HD pictures, videos and animations as you can – sometimes they can say more than thousands of words.
  7. Entertain your readers with animations, small online games or interactive quizzes.
  8. Integrate specific real time information or polls.
  9. Use internal links leading to more content – suggest other relevant content in your publication in order to help the readers learn more about related topics.
  10. Use personalization and insert the name of your customer in the content, if possible.

Interested in how you can increase dwell time in publications? Contact us, and our specialists can help you find the best solutions.

Build Interactive and Animated Flip Books


In our previous blog posts we have discussed how digital publishing has become more and more popular nowadays, covering half of the publications worldwide. It is not only a cost effective solution, compared to print publishing, but also an environmently friendly option.

Interactive and animated flip books are an amazing alternative to scrolling through PDF or eBook pages, being more attractive and offering an easier way of sharing and accessing any type of digital publication, without the need to download a specific type of software.

The software designed by us, at Papionne, converts any PDF, catalogue, brochure, book or magazine into an interactive or animated flip book that can be easily accessed on a desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Papionne animated flip book coverManchester animated flip book cover

You can choose from a great selection of features and options, depending on the needs and design philosophies of your publication. Everything, from background image, color selection, menu icons, language, logos and graphics, to integrated content analytics, bookmarking, advanced search options, table of contents and rich media content, such as flash animations, sounds, video and HD image galleries without weight or size restrictions, can be customized and personalized according to the look and feel you desire for your publication.

We can help you build a fully customizable interactive or animated flip book that allows your readers to navigate faster through your publication, view pages as thumbnails, easily jump from one chapter to another from the table of contents, automatically flip the pages in a slide show, bookmark specific pages or print them, create internal links between the pages of the flip book or within its table of contents, create external links to websites, e-mail addresses or attachments, zoom the content or view it in full screen, search words or entire sentences and share the flip book on e-mail or social networks. Apart from these features, our interactive and animated flip books can allow the users to play small online games, see real time stock information or access a shopping cart and add products to it directly from the digital catalogue, among many others.

Now it’s easier than never to create a whole new amazing experience for your readers. Do you want to find out more about the solutions we offer? Just contact us, and together we can make your publication more appealing to your customers.


Full service digital publishing at self-service speed and cost

Full Service la pret de Self Service

There are hundreds of solutions today to help you convert your printed publication, into digital format. From free to paid, from full service to self-service, each of them with different options and features. Let’s forget for a minute about their features, and talk a bit about the differences between full and self-service.

Self-service systems are awesome! They are cheap, relatively easy to use for creating a basic publication, and the most important are available 24/7. You can login into your account, and publish your PDF, catalog, magazine or book whenever you wish. You are not depending of office hours, holidays or weekends. It’s just you and the administration panel.

But let’s say you want something more from your digital publication? No problem, some systems support rich and multimedia features. As simple opening the rich media editor, but… wait, this requires different level of expertise and sometimes coding skills

You can easily convert your PDF, catalog or magazine, but when it comes to make it interactive…well, it’s not quite as simple as advertised!

So, what about full service? Full-service companies can offer you everything you wish. They have all kind of programmers, designers, and testers – long story short – an army of people working to get the most out of your digital publication. All you have to do is to send them your PDF, catalog or book and tell them what you wish. Just like that. The downside is that such publications cost more, and can’t be done as fast as you publish using self-service. Sometimes it may take days until your publication is available, as the PDF is handled by many different people until it ready for delivery.

Wouldn’t it be great for a bridge between these two types of services? Well, guess what? It exists! We call it: Papionne – Digital publication!

We, at Papionne, took the liberty to choose what’s best from those two types of services and offer you Flip Box – full service digital publishing, at self-service speed and cost. Isn’t that awesome? Papionne‘s staff is available 24/7 to help you. Regardless of the fact that you post an urgent order at midnight, that needs to be ready in the morning, or that you need support Sunday morning at 03:00 AM, there is only one thing to keep in mind: We are there for you!

Already thinking that this will cost you a fortune, no? It won’t! We love the work we do, and we like to help large and small companies alike. That’s why we created prices and packages for everyone. Either you wish to pay per publication, or have a monthly fee with a fixed or unlimited number of publication included, with Papionne and Flip Box, everything is possible.

Want to know how? Just complete the form on the right, and get in contact with our experts today!


Time to go DIGITAL!

Time to go digitalThere is no better way to spread products globally, faster, easier or effectively than through Digital Publishing.

Papionne’s products can quickly help customers adapt to this innovative way of publishing, and enrich their experience while interacting with digital publications!

Papionne’s services and products will increase retention, help businesses adapt to the newest customer needs, and most important: save money and time. Success can be easy with Papionne’s Digital Publishing. With our team always ready to help you get the best from your publication, digital publishing has never been easier.

Borred scrolling through PDF pages? Not anymore! Papionne’s Digital Publications are highly interactive. They can contain videos, sounds, moving objects, small online games, interactive covers, real time stock system, shopping basket and many, many more. All of Papionne’s digital publications are created using the latest HTML5 technology. This means that digital content is at the customer’s fingertips directly on his smartphone and tablet.

Time to go digital - icons

Customers will always recognize your publications thanks to the complete customization that we offer. Your corporate identity such as logos and links to your website can be integrated into the publication. Also, background image, colors, language and menu icons can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

Last, but not least, with Papionne’s Digital Publishing you get detailed statistics of your digital publication. This way you can see and understand how your readers are navigating through your publication. Which pages get their attention, and which ones draw less attention. There is no better path to improvement than real time analytics.

Do you want to know more? Just contact us, and together we can find out how we can really boost your business.

Why Digital Publishing?


Nowadays technology is no longer a shock to anyone.  It is becoming normal to distribute, publish and share catalogs, books, magazines, and newspapers onto PCs and more recent onto phones, tablets and e-ink readers. Recent research says that by the end of this year more 50% half of all magazines and newspapers will be delivered to consumers via digital devices. As the study suggests it’s high time to move all PDFs, catalogs, books, and magazines to a digital environment!

We, at papionne.com, have specially designed our state of the art software Flip Box with this in mind. With Flip Box we can convert all PDFs, catalogs, books, and magazines to digital catalogs and publish them on all devices, PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets.

We admire electronic catalogs, books, and magazines that do not take up space nor consume 20 trees per ton of paper. Then, when we take into account the fact that publishers spend days and thousands of men hours to distribute printed magazines, digital catalogs become a real, fast and easy to use solution!

Designed on the HTML5 technology Flip Box converts PDFs, catalogs, books, and magazines to digital catalogs and flip books and can reach the audience on any type of device! With features like animations, videos, image galleries, sounds, content zoom, advanced search, social media, and much more Flip Box is an easy and versatile solution to create your digital catalog today!

Want to find out more about our products? Check out here some samples of our work.

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