Customize, personalize and apply logo on pens

Customize, personalize and apply logo on pens

In our blog post Organize, showcase and customize your products! we talked about how to customize and personalize t-shirts, caps, clothes, pens,usb sticks, bottles, cans, gifts or any promotional product by applying your company’s logo, branding or design. We also talked about automatic logo placement with Logo Studio and how using  “presentation mode” your clients can now apply their logos within seconds.

But how all of this comes into play when we want to design your own custom pens or office supplies? How can we use all these features to promote your company with your own customized pens? The answers is a two part affair:

  • imprint options provide greater flexibility and more realism to your pens. Use Logo Studio’s realistic imprinting techniques to apply a logo on every pen no matter what type of material the pen is made of. You can also choose from a wide range of effects like Embroidery, Emboss, Engrave, Laser Engraving, Screen Print, Etching, Foil Stamping.
  • a predefined imprint area ensures that the logo always applies in the same place and with same options so you clients can customize your pens and apply their logos faster and easier.

ls-imprint area

In short our team will define each imprint area for each of your pens, thus allowing your clients or your sales and marketing team to personalize pens in seconds. All they have to do is select the desired logo or text, branding or design, and click “Upload”. Using the automatic logo placement feature, Logo Studio, will place the logo on the pen in the predefined area ensuring consistency, realism and speed.

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