Full service digital publishing at self-service speed and cost

Full Service la pret de Self Service

There are hundreds of solutions today to help you convert your printed publication, into digital format. From free to paid, from full service to self-service, each of them with different options and features. Let’s forget for a minute about their features, and talk a bit about the differences between full and self-service.

Self-service systems are awesome! They are cheap, relatively easy to use for creating a basic publication, and the most important are available 24/7. You can login into your account, and publish your PDF, catalog, magazine or book whenever you wish. You are not depending of office hours, holidays or weekends. It’s just you and the administration panel.

But let’s say you want something more from your digital publication? No problem, some systems support rich and multimedia features. As simple opening the rich media editor, but… wait, this requires different level of expertise and sometimes coding skills

You can easily convert your PDF, catalog or magazine, but when it comes to make it interactive…well, it’s not quite as simple as advertised!

So, what about full service? Full-service companies can offer you everything you wish. They have all kind of programmers, designers, and testers – long story short – an army of people working to get the most out of your digital publication. All you have to do is to send them your PDF, catalog or book and tell them what you wish. Just like that. The downside is that such publications cost more, and can’t be done as fast as you publish using self-service. Sometimes it may take days until your publication is available, as the PDF is handled by many different people until it ready for delivery.

Wouldn’t it be great for a bridge between these two types of services? Well, guess what? It exists! We call it: Papionne – Digital publication!

We, at Papionne, took the liberty to choose what’s best from those two types of services and offer you Flip Box – full service digital publishing, at self-service speed and cost. Isn’t that awesome? Papionne‘s staff is available 24/7 to help you. Regardless of the fact that you post an urgent order at midnight, that needs to be ready in the morning, or that you need support Sunday morning at 03:00 AM, there is only one thing to keep in mind: We are there for you!

Already thinking that this will cost you a fortune, no? It won’t! We love the work we do, and we like to help large and small companies alike. That’s why we created prices and packages for everyone. Either you wish to pay per publication, or have a monthly fee with a fixed or unlimited number of publication included, with Papionne and Flip Box, everything is possible.

Want to know how? Just complete the form on the right, and get in contact with our experts today!