How to increase dwell time in publications?


How to increase dwell time in flip books

We have previously talked about how you can build interactive and animated flip books in order to replace boring PDFs or eBook pages and make your digital publication and catalogs more attractive.

Now we’ll explain the importance of creating content that is appealing to the readers and we’ll give you some tips on how to increase dwell time in your publications. First of all, let’s make it clear what dwell time actually is. The simplest definition for it would be that it is the actual length of time the visitor spends on a specific page before returning to the search engines results page. The longer time spent, the better, as it shows that the visitor was interested in the content and consumed most of it before returning to the search engine results or accessing another section of the site.

So, let’s see what you can do to create an easy to read, well designed and informative catalogs and engage your readers from the very beginning. Although there is no magic solution to increase dwell time in publications, making use of these tips might be helpful.

  1. Make sure that the text is legible – use fonts that are easily readable and appropriate font sizes, so that the reader doesn’t need to zoom in.
  2. Present the information in a clear, logical way.
  3. Create a table of contents that allows easy access to specific sections of the publication.
  4. Create an user friendly structure and choose the right contrast and colors.
  5. Put the most important “call to actions” like search bars, full screen viewing or sharing options, at the right places.
  6. Insert as many HD pictures, videos and animations as you can – sometimes they can say more than thousands of words.
  7. Entertain your readers with animations, small online games or interactive quizzes.
  8. Integrate specific real time information or polls.
  9. Use internal links leading to more content – suggest other relevant content in your publication in order to help the readers learn more about related topics.
  10. Use personalization and insert the name of your customer in the content, if possible.

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