The Catalog Shop is actually a shopping cart system that is built in inside a Flip Box catalog.
It all starts with a PDF, a catalog of products, which using the Flip Box engine is converted into a digital publication. Interacting with the products from the catalog opens up the shop presenting the product details, ranging from prices and color variation to 360° presentation.
In this particular example each products has different color variations allowing the purchase of different colors for each product.

For some added goodies:

  • we also made the design fully responsive so you can get the best experience not matter what device you are using.
  • we integrated Logo Studio so you can personalize your product before buying it. Add your logo and adjust it to your liking using scale, rotate, wrap, apply efects like embroidery, emboss, laser engraving and many more
  • we added a 360° view so you can now rotate the product and view it from every angle.

You can view this beautiful catalog here , and remember, for more details contact us.