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Flip Box - Create Digital Catalogs

Flip Box – Create Digital Catalogs

Convert PDFs to realistic page-flipping digital publications and deliver them to desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Expand your readership and engage with your audience by creating professional catalogs, digital publications, brochures, etc. with Papionne’s state of the art Flip Box.

Flip Box can be used with Logo Studio and shopping cart allowing each page to become a custom environment for delivering and promoting products.

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Digital Publications, Catalogs and Magazines

Convert all your PDFs to digital publications, catalogs, brochures and reports. Using our latest Flip Box software your publications can reach all of your readers no mater what device they are using computers, iOS or Android phone or table. Choosing from a wide range of features every publication is unique and custom branded to suit your needs and design philosophies.

Interactive digital catalogs
Stock catalog

Custom Publications and Content

With our state of the art Flip Box we can offer different types of publications each designed to target a specific segment of sales or a unique type of customers. With so many options you can truly choose best suits your business without making any compromises.
Animated Catalog
Click here to browse the beautifully animated Papionne presentation and see how animations can be integrated inside catalogs.
Logo Studio Catalog
Now Papionne’s virtual sample builder and logo editor, Logo Studio, can be integrated directly in the catalog. You can now apply a logo directly on the catalog pages. Click here to see how!
Online Shop Catalog
Sell your products directly from catalogs! With our integrated web shop your clients can purchase your products with ease using different payment gateways like PayPal, Google Wallet, email and others. Click here to see an example packed with other goodies like 360° product view and product logo editing.

Features and Custom Options

Every Flip Box publication can be customized with a wide range of features. Every aspect of the catalog can be personalized, from appearance (background colors, logo and graphics) to behavior and content (hyperlinks, image and video galleries, advanced search, bookmarks and table of contents)

Convert PDF's into digital interactive catalogs
  • Powerful Digital Publications

  • Integrated Analytics

    Integrate content analytics and track how users interact with your publications

  • Integrates with Logo Studio and shopping cart

    Promote your products by combining the power of Flip Box and Logo Studio (view example)

  • Rich media support

    Stunning promotion with animations, videos, image galleries, sounds, etc

  • Personalized to your needs

    Customizable look and feel

    Wide range of features and options

  • Responsive

    Deliver Flip Box content on any computer or mobile device

  • Easy Sharing

    Share content on social media

Flip Box in Action

Logo Studio Catalog
  • Logo Studio integration
  • Customizable catalog
  • Automatic logo placement
Catalog Shop
  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • Product Stock
  • Product Logo Studio & 360° view
Catalog with Logo Studio
  • Logo Studio support
  • Mutiple product presetations
  • Embedded links