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Flip Box App

Flip Box App

Flip Box app allows you to create, publish, sell all your digital publications, magazines, catalogs and PDFs within a portable app on your tablet or phone. Your reading is intuitive and interactive, pages are enriched with videos, pictures animations and other multimedia content.
Flip Box works in two different modes depending on your business requirements:

◉ Flip Box – UNO is a platform that is designed to allow rapid production of digital interactive content.This version handles and presents a single magazine, publication or PDF
◉ Flip Box – Library includes all your digital publications, as well as your rich media content.


In today’s world, in today’s business world an app has become a calling card, much like an email address or a website an app is an important and indispensable part of any business.

With Papionne’s Flip Box software you can offer our readers and clients a highly interactive experience by taking advantages of all the features an app can provide, features like: general information, push notifications, animations, video and image galleries, geo location, real time updates and custom content.

Interactive digital catalogs
Library Desig options

Digital libraries

Convert all your digital publications (PDF, brochures, catalogs, reports, …) to powerful iOS and Android aplications. A digital library is the perfect solution for
Magazine app
Publish all your magazine’s issues in one app. Deliver new issues instantaneously to all your readers using push notifications
Catalogs app
Includes all your products and services catalogs. Enrich the user experience with video and image galleries, maps and customized content
Business app
Built around product catalogs, price lists and sales reports, your sales team is now equipped with all the tools to make the perfect pitch.

Choose your features

The Flip Box App, both UNO or Library, is packed with lots of features to choose from. Besides the already build in components our team of developers can implement any type of custom feature, making your app truly unique.

Flip Box App - Search Bookmark App Cotent
  • Custom digital library for all your content

    ▶ Multiple edition magazines
    ▶ Access to all your magazines, catalogs, presentations and brochures in one app

  • Interactive Hot Spots – emails, phones, URLs and custom actions

    Tailor the app to your specific needs

  • Advanced search

    Find the contetent you need fast and easy

  • Bookmarks

    Save your favorite content

  • Table of Contents

    Organize the content of your app

  • Thumbnail navigation

    Browse thorough the pages of your publication fast and easy

  • Stunning animations, videos, image galleries, sounds, etc

    Integrate all your digital content within a singe app

  • Integrated analytics

    Integrate content analytics and track how users interact with your publications

  • Realistic page - flipping digital publications

  • Wide range of features and options

Flip Box App in Action

  • Flip Box UNO
  • Presentation of Papionne
  • Single magazine presentation
Flip Box - Papionne
  • Flip Box Library
  • Digital library of Papionne's magazines
  • Multiple magazines