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Logo Studio 3D

Logo Studio 3D allows the visualization of products in an interactive 3D environment. Logo Studio 3D paves the way for a three-dimensional representation of  virtually any product.

Showcase products in a staggering  and interactive way allowing user to rotate and view the product from every angle, revealing every detail. Now, with the automatic logo placement product customization has never been easier. Browse below and discover the powerful features Logo Studio 3D has to offer.

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  • 3D Product Presentation

    Allow your products to be viewed from every angle

  • Highly Interactive

    Twist, turn, rotate and interact

  • Automatic Logo Placement

    Easy logo placement: just upload your logo and your virtual product sample is ready

  • Responsive

    LogoStudio works seamlessly on laptops, tablets and phones

  • Eflyer

    Share the products with your business partners with ease

  • Social Media

    Share custom products with your friends