Time to go DIGITAL!

Time to go digitalThere is no better way to spread products globally, faster, easier or effectively than through Digital Publishing.

Papionne’s products can quickly help customers adapt to this innovative way of publishing, and enrich their experience while interacting with digital publications!

Papionne’s services and products will increase retention, help businesses adapt to the newest customer needs, and most important: save money and time. Success can be easy with Papionne’s Digital Publishing. With our team always ready to help you get the best from your publication, digital publishing has never been easier.

Borred scrolling through PDF pages? Not anymore! Papionne’s Digital Publications are highly interactive. They can contain videos, sounds, moving objects, small online games, interactive covers, real time stock system, shopping basket and many, many more. All of Papionne’s digital publications are created using the latest HTML5 technology. This means that digital content is at the customer’s fingertips directly on his smartphone and tablet.

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Customers will always recognize your publications thanks to the complete customization that we offer. Your corporate identity such as logos and links to your website can be integrated into the publication. Also, background image, colors, language and menu icons can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

Last, but not least, with Papionne’s Digital Publishing you get detailed statistics of your digital publication. This way you can see and understand how your readers are navigating through your publication. Which pages get their attention, and which ones draw less attention. There is no better path to improvement than real time analytics.

Do you want to know more? Just contact us, and together we can find out how we can really boost your business.