Why Digital Publishing?


Nowadays technology is no longer a shock to anyone.  It is becoming normal to distribute, publish and share catalogs, books, magazines, and newspapers onto PCs and more recent onto phones, tablets and e-ink readers. Recent research says that by the end of this year more 50% half of all magazines and newspapers will be delivered to consumers via digital devices. As the study suggests it’s high time to move all PDFs, catalogs, books, and magazines to a digital environment!

We, at papionne.com, have specially designed our state of the art software Flip Box with this in mind. With Flip Box we can convert all PDFs, catalogs, books, and magazines to digital catalogs and publish them on all devices, PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets.

We admire electronic catalogs, books, and magazines that do not take up space nor consume 20 trees per ton of paper. Then, when we take into account the fact that publishers spend days and thousands of men hours to distribute printed magazines, digital catalogs become a real, fast and easy to use solution!

Designed on the HTML5 technology Flip Box converts PDFs, catalogs, books, and magazines to digital catalogs and flip books and can reach the audience on any type of device! With features like animations, videos, image galleries, sounds, content zoom, advanced search, social media, and much more Flip Box is an easy and versatile solution to create your digital catalog today!

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